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World View

In religious terms, humans are referred to as those individuals who have been awarded by god with qualities that no other beings, living or dead, consist. Only human beings are endowed with the power to practice spirituality and attain divinity. The goal of each human being is different. As such J. J. Valberg articulates the view that the path of each human being is different and it is not common for all human beings. (252) We are all part of the total power of the cosmos, just a spark! World is place which comprises of different components and these components exist to achieve a balance in the life of all individuals. World to me is a place where I have to stand and operate in such a manner where my individual interests are secure while making sure that my interests do not clash or become a hurdle with the interest of others. While achieving my interests, I will ensure that it will also serve the common interests of the people. The spiritual aspect of life: The correct living style for an individual is by giving importance to the secular and spiritual aspects of life. Of the two, spirituality is more important. Belief in God and in his style of administering the Divine Kingdom is the stepping stone for living a spiritually-oriented life. If we make a profound and critical study of the lives of Divine Personalities and the religious texts, the believers are liable to be further divided into two sections. The first section is those who only ‘believe’ in the existence of God, but does not ‘know’ Him. The second section is, along with ‘believing, knows’ Him as well. The first section does His worshipping and salutations, but has not met Him face to face. They have held discussions, done ritualistic practices, have lectured on the topic of God, but have not experienced Him in their inner world. This segment of believers is more in strength as compared to the second segment. The important reason for this outcome is the faulty approach prevalent in the society on God-related issues. Their firm conviction is, God-principle is the topic of the other world, and it is impossible to see Him here. God is invisible like the air. We can only feel His presence. Such wrong assumptions continue to be accepted and the kingdom of God, in societal terms, becomes the argumentative proposition and the bundle of emotions steeped in ritualistic worships. From time immemorial, the Divine Personalities have made an important proclamation relating to God—God is the subject for practical vision and to be experienced. He can be seen and experienced in the actual sense of the term. The Divine Personalities have guided in the past, and will continue to guide the inquisitives treading the path of spirituality, as to how practical vision of God, whose essential form is Light, is possible. The Secular aspect of Life: The secular aspect of life is also equally important. The technological advances and internet revolution have impacted the materialistic society and have a telling effect on humankind on the wrong side of life. Human values and morality are sacrificed for aggrandizement of wealth. Increased material prosperity has resulted in social disaster. For example, in America the divorce rates are more than 50% now. What does this mean? The family values like love, affection and respect to the elders have been relegated to the background and self-interest has become the domineering aspect of life. The concept of service has disappeared from the time-table of the individual. Some decades ago, helping others has been one of the domineering features of life. I have not made up my mind finally, as for the profession that I am ...Show more


Human being is the crown of creation Humans is a term used to refer to those individuals who either belong to or are similar to the human race recognized as homo sapiens and these individuals are the products of other individuals and they have qualities that are unmatched if compared to other living things…
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World View essay example
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