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Essay on Deontological and Consequential Point of Views of Ethics Introduction: The paper at hand is an essay on ethics, mainly focusing on the stand points of deontological and consequentialist aspects when considering the cases of two scientists A and B.


The paper will then evaluate the relation of the first situation and then the second situation in terms of the aforementioned points of view. Later on the essay will discuss the interplay of ethical principles in both cases and how they interact with each other, and the paper will end with a conclusion that sums up the whole essay. Therefore, the paper aims to discuss the specific situations of the scientists, defines the concepts of deontology and consequentialism, as well as analyzes the situations in both points of view and from that it will ascertain which scientist is right. Ethics refers to the “code of moral standards by which people judge the actions and behaviors of themselves and others”.1 Ethics is a set of rules and regulations that define as well as govern the morality of a person’s conduct in various professional fields. Different professions demand following of different ethical theories and it is the same in case of different regions as well. Thus deriving a universal ethics that can be applied uniformly in all fields and regions is impossible. ...
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