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Philosophy Moral considerations of the case The disease Gangrene is a condition characterized by the body tissues’ death; it can prove fatal if left untreated. Virginia’s disease could be treated. George was contacted by the caregiver who had informed him that the doctor wanted to immediately provide Virginia with medical care for the treatment of gangrene, but George chose otherwise and asked the caregiver to bring Virginia home rather than have her hospitalized.


It is noticeable that Virginia had been suffering from this condition since 1969, and George had been taking care of her ever since. One way George’s act can be interpreted, assuming that he has tried to manipulate the legal authorities, is that he too wanted to put an end to this lifelong service of taking care of Virginia, since according to the deputies, George himself came up with the thought that Virginia did not want any medical care at all, as he has been reported saying that she, “She didn't want to go to that hospital ... start cutting her toes of” (Skoloff). George and Virginia discussed that being admitted into the hospital is like getting a death sentence, so this was not a favorable option for them. Most probably, George was in a position to have Virginia change her mind even if she did not want to be hospitalized. The details of the incident do not speak of a single moment where George tried to convince Virginia to seek medical care for the treatment of her condition. All he did was cooperate with Virginia in putting an end to her life first by refusing to have her hospitalized and then by fulfilling her wish to be killed. ...
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