Weakness of Will Power.

High school
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I have always lived a dull life and of solitude. Since I joined high school, there are not many new things and new people who I have added to my life even as new friends. This is something that I have noticed for some time now.


Unlike what is expected of a youth like me, I have always had a fear of trying out new things. I like staying with the concept I have and being contented with it. While contentment is sometimes beneficial to the life of an individual, mine was more than contentment; I could not try out any new thing that I did not before. In soccer for instance, my colleagues could learn new moves and develop their skills while I kept to myself. I was brought up in a lifestyle where we never used to go swimming. When we acquired a swimming pool, I was the only member of the family who, even after one year, could still not swim. This is not all, when newer and better versions of Windows Operating system was introduced, many of my friends who loved technology quickly installed it. I never even gave it a chance as I did not want anything new which would complicate my life. As I later came to realize, there were better functionalities in the newer versions of the windows that I would have enjoyed more than my conventional version. The fear to try out new things has also affected me in class; I have always hesitated before trying out new mathematical concepts and many educational procedures. This has always affected results negatively and made me spend more doing something that I would have done quickly using a new and better concept. ...
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