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The Hardness of Hard Treatment Name Tutor Course College Date Kileinig has differentiated imprisonment method of punishment from detention. He has categorized imprisonment as the modern punishment to the offenders. It has superseded the various traditional forms of legal punishment.


The eighteenth century corporal punishment was done through the offender’s body. In the nineteenth century, the imprisonment move was merged with other penalties that prompted the decrease of the human rights. This was a response to the wrongdoers. In that case, Kleinig views imprisonment as a form of reforming ones villainous character or immoral habit. Below are the some of positive and negative constraints according to the kleinig’s point of view of the prisoners subjected to punishments. Kleinig has found that cruelty inflicts physical pain on the prisoners. This has been extremely exaggerated to the general suffering of these people. He argues that such actions which come in with cruelty are imposed to these people to cause aguish and fear in them for the respect of the department stuff. Some of these cruel activities done to the prisoners may end up to injuries either mentally or physically. Kleinig believe that both individuals and institutions are cruel to the prisoners. According to the research, many deaths that are reported from the prisons are caused by the prisoners themselves. In that case, he has notified that though punishments are given to rectify and rehabilitate the wrongdoers, being cruelty would be excessive punishment which would not be helpful but only destroying. This would also limit the people to achieving the goals that are accepted in the social life. ...
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