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A little history of Hinduism has it that Hinduism and Buddhism were originated in South Asia. The history of Hindu has far more than that of Hinduism. It was used by Persian conquerors, since the middle of the first millennium BCE; refer to the indigenous populations living in the surroundings of the river flowing along the north- western frontiers of the Indian subcontinent, Sindhu. The prophet Gautama Buddha, who was the prince of the kingdom Kapilavatthu named Siddhartha, at the Himalayan Foothills, around 490 BCE, who was to become Gautama Buddha after his renunciation, founded Buddhism. Hinduism also means the emergence of Vedas, in which the Upanishads were composed between the 7th and 3rd century and also it became a part of the Vedas. Buddhism was emerged as a part of Shramana movements, around the 5th century.“Hinduism has the belief of monotheistic (one God) as well as polytheistic (many Gods) elements: the one Supreme Being (Brahman) also exists simultaneously in the deities of the Creator (Brahma), the Reality or Sustainer (Vishnu) and the Destroyer (Shiva)” (Hinduism par.6). According to the Buddhism philosophy, there is no god which does not believe in the concept of god. ...
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Name: Course: Institute of affiliation: Date: Philosophy It is pertinent that a speaker’s credibility be established by the use of ethos. Considerably, ethos means common attitude, characteristics of time-period or group and beliefs, which brings about believability in the writer (Zhang, and Ryden 24)…
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