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Philosophy Name Instructor Institution Date Abstract The development of Chinese philosophy verses the western philosophy backs from pre-Confucianism to neo rationalist as well as neo idealist movements. The writers of philosophy in china and western world compares in a diverge manner.


However, this philosophy has been dynamic from century to century, as scholars from different backgrounds tackle the philosophical commentaries in other rational approaches. Chan explains that it is simple and easy to change with the ethical philosophies in line with the system of development and abandonment of legalism. Confucianism led to absorption of many challenges emanating from doctrines of Buddhism (Rahula, 1974). As a result, the intellectual life dominated and formed Neo-Confucianism. In the “source book in Chinese philosophy” book there is an attempt to make people in the west understand the culture of Asian people as well as their philosophy. This book explains more on the Chinese philosophy as written by great scholars in the Chinese era. This enables the author to bring a balance between the ancient, modern as well as medieval times. In addition to this, he explains about the different kinds of periods that existed in Chinese history with examples of Taoism, Confucianism and also Buddhism (Chan, 1969). Most of the history regarding Chinese philosophy had features of cultural as well as intellectual developments. Philosophy of Change There exist several ties between the mentioned origins command in the Chinese philosophy and the countries aboard. ...
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