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Title: Buddhism Religion Comparative Analysis Paper Your Name University Name Thesis The theme behind the book “What the Buddha Taught” by Walpola Rahula aims to teach more about the religion of Buddhism and what Buddha taught about man being an ultimate and Supreme Being.


On a comparative approach a major theme that can be retrieved from these books is the aspect of Buddhism as a religion as well as the incorporation of what Kitaro Nishida term as “Pure Existence”. Introduction This paper will seek to make a comparative study approach to compare and contrast in detail the following physiological texts. These include; “What the Buddha Taught” by Walpola Rahula and “An Inquiry Into The Good” by Kitaro Nishida and translated by Masao Abe and Christopher Ives. The notion behind the book, “What the Buddha Taught” was first to introduce the concept of Buddhism as a religion. Walpola Rahula sought to bring the understanding of the teachings of Buddha and Buddhism as a religion among people. He sought to bring out Buddha as a person who was very simplistic in his nature. Walpola Rahula also introduced the Buddhist attitude on mind that states, “Man is supreme-one is one’s refuge-responsibility-Doubt-Freedom of Thought-Tolerance”. This indicated that man was a supreme being and he was responsibility, doubt, freedom and tolerance. In other words, man was the only being that was known to exist beyond the super natural. In this light, Walpola Rahula sought to bring about the Four Noble Truths relates to Buddhism. ...
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