Compare the logic of Mill's utilitarianism with what he references as its compliance with the golden rule of Jesus of Nazareth.. - Essay Example

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Compare the logic of Mill's utilitarianism with what he references as its compliance with the golden rule of Jesus of Nazareth..

The philosophy of utilitarianism is a theory found in the subsection of normative ethics. The theory proposes that every course of action taken by an individual is governed by the outcome of the result. In most cases, as the theory proposes, the action is justifiable if it has a positive impact to the lifestyle of an individual. The rationale behind this impression made by the theory is based on the fact that if a specific course of action makes one happy then the action is justifiable. The action may not fall in line with the ethics of the society but it is valid in the theory of utilitarianism. Such justifications are what that make the theory dismissed by most people in the society. This is because the members of the society hold high levels of ethics in relation to the action of different individuals. As long as a specific course of action negatively affects the lifestyle of another person, then the action should be considered as unjustifiable and unethical. Basically, utilitarianism is a self centered concept that focuses on the on the impact of the action on the person taking the action (Meredith 2011). It tends to overlook the impact of the action to the recipient. ...
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Utilitarianism Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Abstract Philosophy is one of the most interesting fields of science. This field focuses on finding reasons for the way people react when encountered by general problems in the society. The concept of philosophy is also aimed at focusing on the reasons why people behave and the justifications behind the actions…
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