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Name University Course Instructor Date Nussbaum’s Approach, the Capabilities Approach Introduction All human rights whether civil or political rights are inseparable and may include; right to life, equality in the justice system and freedom of expression.The paper examines Nussbaum’s capabilities approach that is significant in political philosophy, socioeconomics and policy formulation.


The society is sometimes affected by vices such as inequality and favoritism in attitude and behaviors based on sex stereotypes, ethnic, originality, economic and social status. This was despite the common knowledge that the practice is erroneous. It led to the making of biased actions and consequently denial of justice especially for the underprivileged citizens. Inequality degrades understanding in various societal aspects including interpersonal, of intra- and interactions among members of society and the established institutions. The discussions equality in the liberal theory made Nussbaum’s expression in her capability approach to equality. Moreover, civil liberties are crucial factors that determine citizen participation in the decision making process. Some political philosophers argue that a country requires a constructive platform for social democracy in order to achieve socioeconomic development. This calls for resolution of disputes amicably and minimal interferences in the dealings of other nations. Nussbaum’s approach, the capabilities approach, is designed to remedy serious flaws in Rawls’s theory of justice. ...
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