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Animal Farm - Essay Example

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VIRTUE BASED THEORY This ethical approach takes into consideration the different characters or parties to an event or an encounter and how they affect the interactions with other parties, either directly or indirectly. In this regard, it is evident that disparity in characters appears among various individuals. Good act may be presented by two people differently based on their characters. This therefore depicts ethics as the human nature one should strive to achieve, with specific characters such as being honest, kind, fair, faithful and generous among others being credited. Since these characters ensure harmonious interaction and co-existence among various parties, they are very appealing and appreciated. In a bid to achieve these qualities, one should act accordingly. In the Animal Farm, the deeds executed by various characters depicted either an adherence or non-adherence to the traits, a) Napolean treats other animals unfairly and strives to maintain his position as a leader through unfair ruling. He uses the nine dogs as a military weapon to intimidate other animals, which is not right as well as not directed towards achieving the ethical traits outlined above. b) Snowball is passionate and always strived to improve the welfare of other animals and works towards the achievement of the traits. c) Boxer is depicted as a strong character, who has dedication and loyalty in the improvement of the welfare of the members of the Animal Farm. d) Squealer is depicted as of unfit characters as he indulges himself in spreading propagandas, which are intended to ensure Napoleon retains leadership. e) Old Major is depicted as of good character through his leadership as well the vision of improving the welfare of the animals. f) Clover is of good character and is always observant of the commandment designated to govern the conduct of animals in the farm, is not pleased by violation of the laws by the pigs and blames herself for frequently forgetting the commandments. g) Moses is depicted to be of good faith by presentation of stories of the destination of the animals after their death. h) Mollie is depicted as a character that likes being treated fairly well by other, and is not involved in bad acts. i) Benjamin holds the opinion that life remains unchanged irrespective of who takes charge of leadership and always displays good characters in his undertakings j) Muriel is depicted as being very observant of the seven commandments, and thus depicts good character. k) Mr. Jones is depicted as an unjust leader, who does not take care of the welfare of the animals who suffer from lack of food. l) Mr. Fredrick is depicted as a person who is dedicated in his undertakings in a bid to ensure that perfection is derived from his undertakings m) Mr. Pilkington, is depicted as an easy-going character, an attribute not favoured in the virtue theory Consequentialism theory It asserts that an action’s impacts or behavior determines the moral value of it. Measuring the moral worth of an action or impact is the main concern in consequallism. This is because consequences may be approvable, natural or bad. In consequential theory, only the real affects matters. People or objects affected by the behavior and ...Show more


8 Institution Instructor Date Introduction Ethics is a philosophical phenomenon that defines what is good and what is bad to different people. In this regard, based on the diversity in human reasoning, they are bound to conduct themselves in different ways depending on the situation at hand, as well as the anticipated achievements…
Author : vjones
Animal Farm
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Animal Farm- George Orwell Orwell uses key characters in Animal Farm to satirise certain characteristics in human nature. How
It is fundamental to recognize that the novelist makes use of these characters in order to establish that the leaders as well as the followers in a society can act in various ways that destroy freedom and equality of the individuals in the society. Thus, the novelist is focused on bringing out the relationship between leaders and followers in the social setting, and the key characters in the novel are used as instruments to disclose this relationship.
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Contemporary Relevance of the Novel Animal Farm

The author states that the story compares to the story of the developing world. Most of the developing world faced colonialism, an era that oppressed the people. The people decided to rise against the colonial powers and drove them out of their nations. The people were enthusiastic that better days were on the way.

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Animal Farm
The novel makes use of animals that represent the various faces of individuals present during the cold war. Ideally, the uprise witnessed in the animal farm by the animals is an illustration of the revolt against the Russian communist ideology. However, the novel presents a contradicting side of the animals in the farm as they had the ability to participate in decision making by way of voting.
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Great Gatsby, Animal farm or When I Whistle
the other protagonists, (Snowball and the animals) and works through the erosion and ultimate destruction of their dream of an idyllic society, by the antagonists Napoleon and Squealer. In The Great Gatsby, narrator Nick Carraway, protagonist alongside Gatsby, participates in
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Is Animal Farm produced for the sake of art
One of the written forms, through which the author will reflect all his/ hers’ system influenced thought process is the novel. From early centuries,
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Animal Farm by George Orwell
Animal Farm is a story written by George Orwell which revolves around the happenings in a farm which is under the ownership of Mr. Jones. The animals plot against Mr. Jones for the achievement of their rights as they are mistreated at his hands. The animals take part in the revolution with the hope of achievement of a better life and a secure future but their dreams are not fulfilled.
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Animal Farm
Another strategy used by him is to overload the animals with work so that they cannot plan any uprising against his rule. Throughout
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Animal Farm
Snowball shared a position of leadership with Napoleon but the two rarely agreed. This is because snowball was a good speaker making him to gain a lot of support from other animals compared to Napoleon. Napoleon claimed that all the ideas that
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Animal Farm and Fascism
Although this book is quite short to depict both these concepts but the author clearly provides his arguments to the readers. The book talks about Stalins way of governance as well as the fascist form of government too. Stalin believed that not just the proletariat itself
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Animal Farm 2
The whole concept of animalism is to portray communalism. The Manor Farm in fact represents Russia. The farmer Mr. Jones represents the
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