evaluate feyerabend's argument that society needs to be defended against science. to what extent does science deserve the specia

evaluate feyerabend
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SOCIETY NEEDS TO BE DEFENDED AGAINST SCIENCE Name: Course: Professor: Institution: Location: Date: Paul Karl Feyerabend; Society Needs to be Defended against Science Introduction Paul Karl Feyerabend was a philosopher of science born in Australia. He is famed for his contribution in philosophy while working as professor in University of California, Berkeley where he worked for thirty years (1958-1989).


In these two books, he expresses and defends his ideas on the nature of scientific methods, concluding that there are no ground rules on governing scientific methods. He opposed the idea of having a single rigid scientific process to which all scientific research is carried out with the argument that this would make science predictable thus denying it the opportunity to evolve (Feyerabend 2000). In this study, Feyerabend shows that new findings in science, on which theories are later founded, have enormous influence from past events, theoriesand facts. Scientists researching in a new area of study do not only apply old scientific methods in fresh observations but they also observe the field under study under the mental influence of old theories and already existing facts. To this effect, much of their findings will be subjected towards what they already know in this field, such that their new work appears to marchnew observations to old facts and while improving them to come up with new theories. ...
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