a discussion between two characters--about moral relativism

a discussion between two characters--about moral relativism Research Paper example
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Ethics,a set of rules in a society that regulates people’s behaviour by defining wrongs and rights in a society,is a fundamental aspect of people’s behaviour.Different ethical theories exist to explain people’s behaviours


Relativism is one of the available ethical theories and I, in this paper, write a dialogue between two individuals, James and Jenifer, about ethical relativism. Jenifer: The relativism approach to ethics is an interesting and confusing one because it seems to blur the clarity in defining a wrong or a right but does not affect determinants of scopes of action. It is however a good ethical approach that understand conditions into actions. What is your perception on factors such as manners, etiquette, and the law? Are your definitions consistent with the relativism’s approach to determination of ethics? James: Many people concur with your opinion that relativism is a controversial approach to ethics and only people who purpose to justify their otherwise seemingly immoral acts express comfort with the theory. Manners define people’s approach to doing things and should be understood from a macro-social perspective with concepts of cultural values. This means that manners should fairly be constant over a period in a society and identify a significant level of absoluteness in defining wrongs and rights. My understanding of etiquette also involves a macro-social concept that defines courteous behaviours among members of a society or a group of individuals and relies on the group’s common and fundamental values. ...
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