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A discussion between two characters--about moral relativism - Research Paper Example


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A discussion between two characters--about moral relativism

Relativism is one of the available ethical theories and I, in this paper, write a dialogue between two individuals, James and Jenifer, about ethical relativism. Jenifer: The relativism approach to ethics is an interesting and confusing one because it seems to blur the clarity in defining a wrong or a right but does not affect determinants of scopes of action. It is however a good ethical approach that understand conditions into actions. What is your perception on factors such as manners, etiquette, and the law? Are your definitions consistent with the relativism’s approach to determination of ethics? James: Many people concur with your opinion that relativism is a controversial approach to ethics and only people who purpose to justify their otherwise seemingly immoral acts express comfort with the theory. Manners define people’s approach to doing things and should be understood from a macro-social perspective with concepts of cultural values. This means that manners should fairly be constant over a period in a society and identify a significant level of absoluteness in defining wrongs and rights. My understanding of etiquette also involves a macro-social concept that defines courteous behaviours among members of a society or a group of individuals and relies on the group’s common and fundamental values.

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Relativism and Morality
That means the validity of these things depends on the culture and context they originate. In sharp contrast to this view that the intelligentsia cherished for quite some time, Goodman (2010) claims that there are some basic ‘wrongs’ which are universally accepted as wrongs and are not bound by regional or cultural contexts.
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Moral Judgements Made about the Characters in The Stories Young Goodman Brown and Harrison Bergeron are Used to Affect Symbolism
It discusses the moral judgements that are used in the two books that affect symbolism. As you read along, a deep understanding of the symbols used in the stories and the importance of each moral judgement that affect symbolism will be achieved. Young Goodman Brown The story starts in motion with young Brown leaves his three-month wife, Faith, home and meets a stranger, with a staff resembling a snake, in a forest to join undetermined, but evidently unholy ceremony.
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Cultural relativism
The validity of the actions a person performs or exhibits is culture specific. The right and wrong is culture bound which means that something that is considered moral in one society maybe absolutely immoral in another society. In other words cultural relativism “is the idea that each culture or ethnic group is to be evaluated on the basis of its own values and norms of behavior and not on the basis of those of another culture or ethnic group” (Rosado, 1994).
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Relativism and Morality
For instance, some people regard what other cultures believe as being right or wrong. In her book, Goodman examines numerous aspects of relativism along with morality (Goodman, 2010). She, therefore, addressed numerous things seemed to be wrong by the majority.
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Ethical relativism

The author states that ethical relativism is a viewpoint where there is the belief that morality is dependent on the norms of a culture that practice it; this society determines whether the actions of individuals in morally right or wrong. Those who propagate this theory believe that nothing can be said to be the absolute truth concerning morality.

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Difference between two time periods
In contrast, Renaissance artists demonstrate their creativity by integrating external phenomenon with their emotional interpretations in such a way that most of their works are characterized with personal expression of what is beautiful. Relatively, this paper explores the idea that renaissance artistic expressions, which had emotional roots, deviate from the artistic tradition of medieval tradition of creativity as having spiritual significance.
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Discussion about female vagina circumcision
It is still largely practiced in various parts of the world today though there are a number of organizations that have tried to discourage it such as the World health Organization for a number of reasons with the main one being health concerns. However, this has not deterred others from maintaining this cultural practice, and in such regions it is viewed as a normal rite of passage for a woman that is required when they reach a certain age.
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Comparing between two companies
A corporate ethics program entails a code of ethics, an audit system, a reporting mechanism, and mode of communication, training employees on ethics, and an investigation system. Novartis aims at improving global health and becoming the world’s most respected and successful healthcare company.
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Psychological Evaluation of the Characters: Movie, What about Bob
Psychological Evaluation of the Characters: Movie, “What about Bob?”. This paper talks about the case evaluation of two individuals, portrayed in the movie “What about Bob?” The story develops through the relationship between a psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin and his patient, Mr.
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Compare between two institutions policies
Human resource management entails the techniques or processes through which an organization manages the workforce (Budhwar and Mellahi, 2006). A human resource manager has the responsibility of ensuring good relationship between company employees while human resource management ensures provides an organization the aptitude and structure to meet organization needs through employee management (Schmidheiny, 1992).
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Ethics,a set of rules in a society that regulates people’s behaviour by defining wrongs and rights in a society,is a fundamental aspect of people’s behaviour.Different ethical theories exist to explain people’s behaviours …
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A discussion between two characters--about moral relativism essay example
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