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Name Course Instructor Date Meditations Introduction Rene Descartes is a well known French philosopher and mathematician who wrote excessively on the existence of God, uncertainty of events in human life and metaphysical phenomena taking place around us. Meditations on first philosophy is one of the most prolific and colossal philosophical works by Descartes in which he has given 6 meditations discussing diverse range of topics like human body dualism, existence of God and distinction of human body and soul (Bogousslavsky, 162).


There must be a proper procedure of metaphysical verification through which the mind can get certain of what it thinks and there must be strong emphasizing proofs for his. But later on refuting has own arguments to some extent, Rene argues that since he is certain about the fact that he is thinking about something, so he can conclude on this tautology that man is something which has the ability to think. Existence of God is one of the most important and centric circle of attention for the mediator. He builds the proofs for the existence of God by building an argument based in the human mind processes. He says that the human mind of packed with the idea of existence of God and if by any means this idea is created then it must be created by God himself. Humans are weak and don’t have powers to illusion the minds so impeccably so this lead to the fact that this idea of God’s existence is injected in the human minds by the God himself which depicts the existence of God. ...
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