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Name Teacher Class Date Principles of John Stuart Mill John Stuart Mill’s theory about freedom and government is articulated in his work entitled On Liberty. In his thesis, Mill argued that societies are in general tumultuous and chaotic and therefore needed some kind of order through the authority of a leader and as society evolve, society becomes increasingly capable to rule themselves.


Second, the necessity of checks and balance, again with the end view to avoid or thwart tyranny that the people must give its consent on important matters of governance. We can take an extreme case as an example to illustrate this point such as leaders cannot just do whatever they want with the governed such as throwing anybody in jail they dislike or disagree with. The political liberties (including physical liberties) of the people must be ensured for a leader to govern. If a government or leader will do the example such as illegally detaining people it do not like or disagreed with, then it is also the right of the people to rebel and the options available to do this are in multitude but that would be digressing to discuss them. Important aspects of governance that affects the people must also have the consent of the people. One example is the choice of leader, which Locke also agreed, must have the consent of the people through an election. ...
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