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Is 'cyber love' a degraded form of 'real life' love? Name Instructor’s Name Course Title Date Cyber love can be known as the online relationships. It is the digital dating which happens in the digital world. Cyber love is a relationship that is built through online contacts, i.e.


After chatting for several days, they realise that both of them cannot sleep tight without talking to their cyber friend or without saying good night to each other. The feeling of love develops when people are attracted towards each other or when the interest and hobbies match. When love happens online, it can then be tagged as cyber love. Cyber love results when couples chat with each other for months (Theng, 2009). There are various perceptions that people hold about cyber love. Most of them think that cyber love is unreal as people are not exactly aware of the identity of the person they are chatting with. Especially parents get scared for their children involved in online relationship. They are aware of the fact that cyber is a virtual world; therefore, one cannot trust people for their identity. Now the question arises if cyber love is a “degraded form” of real love. Before evaluating the phrase “cyber love”, there is a need to look at it through several perspectives. Lately, there is an increasing trend in singles who are involved in cyber dating. Talk shows are a mean of creating hype for the cyber chatting. The movie You’ve Got Mail also contributed toward increasing the trend of cyber dating. Cyber love is, however, very different from real relationship. The cyber environment is quite restricted in comparison to the natural one. ...
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