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Name: Instructor's name: Course: Date: Religion and politics Introduction Politics and religion have been in harmony and conflict over the years depending on the nature of the leadership and the role religion in developing the society. However, some religions have reduced or even affected the power of the government.


In fact, the conflict between religion and politics has been great with the main area of focus being in the power of population control. Politics and religion focus on control of the population, but the level of control varies significantly depending on the level of affiliation or allegiance. The desire to control world governments by religion in the past led to serious challenges including the development of rebellion against the religious states and the development of secular states across the world. Currently, there are more secular states that the traditional religious states or government. The success of the change is pegged on the desire to create autonomy between church and state (Pew Research Center). Despite the drive for autonomy, the state leaders are expected to be affiliated with a certain religion. The case is applicable to most countries including the US and European countries. This paper will evaluate the role of religion in politics and changes in politics and religion by evaluating the changes in trends of governance. Likewise, the current interplay between religion and politics will be evaluated in order to develop the necessary understanding of the current position of religion. ...
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