Mercy killing.

Mercy killing. Essay example
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How does mercy death differ from mercy killing? Is one more morally acceptable than the other? Why or why not? The terminology mercy death means taking a direct action to terminate the life of a patient because the patient has requested it.


The terminology mercy killing on the other hand refers to someone taking a direct action to terminate the life of a patient without permission from the patient. The decision to take such an action is usually made on the assumption that the patient’s life is no longer meaningful or that if the patient was in a position to say so, he would express his desire to die (Padilla 219). The distinction between mercy death and mercy killing is that mercy death is voluntary and is conducted with the permission of the patient and often at his request while mercy killing is involuntary and does not involve the patient’s permission or request. None of the actions is more morally acceptable than the other and arguments exist against these actions. Many arguments used against suicide are applicable to mercy death to some extent but the issues surrounding mercy death are complicated by the fact that another person has to do the killing (Padilla 227). If patients who request for mercy death would wait to see the results of medical therapy and science, they would probably adjust to their situations and change their minds about dying. ...
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