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The consequentialist theory holds that the moral rightness or ethicality of the act can only be determined by the actual consequences that the act yields (Armstrong). Also, the rules applicable to the acts of same kind or motivation behind the act, also determine the moral rightness of the act. If the consequences are good for the people than the act is also good. Based on the consequentialist theory, the terrorist’s actions held no moral rightness or ethicality as their acts directly resulted in the killing of thousands of people and indirectly it resulted in creating an atmosphere of fear for the Americans, and discrimination for the people of same ethnic and geographical background. Although all Muslims, be they devout or not, are not responsible for such actions and do not hold such enmity against Americans, yet, the actions of the terrorists resulted in reflecting upon the whole Muslim community. ...
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Blame is something that in recent years I have come to practice quite often. I was born in Saudi Arabia. Although alien and distressful to many, yet, I have always perceived it as home. Luckily I had the great fortune of being born in, what is considered to be part of a liberal and open minded family, in Saudi Arabia…
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