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Your Name Today’s Date Class and Period Assignment Blame Introduction Blame is something that in recent years I have come to practice quite often. I was born in Saudi Arabia. Although alien and distressful to many, yet, I have always perceived it as home.


they drink occasionally, studied in America. That being said my parents wanted me to experience the world as they did. For me I saw nothing odd about where I went to school in Saudi Arabia. I thought it was normal that religion was considered an essential part of ones life. Although I myself have never become religious I had always perceived Islam to be a religion that preached good things and how to live a respectful life. I saw the “imams” (equivalent of a priest) to be wise and upstanding members of society that had humanities best interests at heart. Some of the most admirable and dedicated people I know are Muslims. My whole life I was lead to believe that I was part of a proud and admirable culture; a culture that held moral values and respected them-selves like no other. However that would soon come to change. On 9/11/2001, I was watching T.V in my living room when my dad barged in to switch the channel to CNN. He was visibly aggravated in what he began to witness; the falling of the twin towers in New York. My father has a dual citizenship, he is an American and a Saudi who has strong ties to both nations as he had worked and lived in both Countries for a Considerable amount of time. To add to the horrible News, the perpetrators of the Hijacked planes were Saudi citizens. I didn’t fully understand the future implications of the hijackers being Saudi until I left to go study abroad. ...
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