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These two distinctive and great philosophers of their time has critically analyzed the sources of morality and the way it affects humans in conducting various actions or making different decisions. Introduction Ethics covers wide areas of human life similarly it has great significance in the overall societal boundaries and social welfare. Morality and ethics are often used interchangeably because on the communal level they both represent the difference between right and wrong, good and bad. Morals actually directs minor to major human actions, motives and desires. It often happens that you want to do something really crazy; however, you stop yourself from committing any offense just because of social morals or ethical conduct. This happens with almost everyone in the world and therefore we must pay tribute to ethics and moral principles which actually alleviate evil human desires and taught us the just way of living a life. Morals are not only limited to the difference and recognition of good and bad deeds rather they have a very broad spectrum which widens through the social justice to the animal rights. ...
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Moral Spheres Moral sphere refers to the complete and comprehensive representation of morality and its sources. These spheres often display a combination of internal and external factors which largely influence an individual’s moral upbringing and overall ethical conduct…
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