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Three short questions - Essay Example

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In such a state, government has no rights to deny its citizens the rights to do anything. Citizens are free to do anything and at any time. They are allowed to access any material and use any property so long as it does not affect anyone. The government in such a state has no rights to tax its citizens and to restrict its citizens from doing any form of business or activity. Nozick advocates for such a state and says it has respects for a person's moral rights (Wolterstorff & Cuneo 89). The next state is the welfare state where citizens are the source of the political will, and they are given the chance to participate in its formation, they are also, the subjects against which the institution will be judged, and they depend upon states free services, programs and general items for their satisfaction materially. I prefer the welfare state, as it has laws that guarantee persons' safety at all times. It is one in which the heads of the government so selected to rule over the subjects have some responsibility to satisfy their citizens. The form of government in Europe differs with that in the United States in that, in Europe, there is use of democratic monarchy while, in the United States, they use welfare liberal democracy. Use of the monarchy system does not allow multiple parties to contest in an election. Only one royal family inherits the throne throughout the country’s history (Wolterstorff & Cuneo 78). Question # 2 Nikita is one of my favorite movie shows. It concerns a young girl who was abducted by a secret government body and trained to be an assassin, but she fled from them and started to work against them. In the movie, there are several artistic styles used. These qualify it as art. According to David Humes theory, every artistic thing, is good provided it is appealing to an individual (Ascott & Shanken 34). Individual tastes are acceptable and allowed to be referred to as art. Owing to this, the movie Nikita is a good art. Using the object centered theory, an art, is classified on the objects qualities and not what it represents or expresses. This also is in line with the movie as the objects used to pass the message are well organized and have good qualities. The progress of the movie is also well structured and this classifies the movie as being good. The next theory that art is judged against is in consideration of the limits of formalism. In this theory, any piece of art is rated against the qualities of the objects as well as the context and content. Considering Nikita as a piece of art, it actually passes this test as all characters are usually well groomed in accordance to the occasion and have quality content, which they deliver. I also rated art against expression. A good piece of art is supposed to be expressive. It should explain its meaning and the message in it by itself. It does not need explanations to be clear. According to Leo Tolstoy, art should also be emotional. The objects used should show emotions with every word and body movement used. Every body language used should show emotions. John Dewey, an American pragmatist, views art with reference to the writer’s thoughts and feelings. He gathered this from experience. He says that before a poet does any art, then it is ...Show more


Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Essay Questions Question # 1 Liberal democracy entails a government organization in which liberalism rules over representative democracy. Here, the government has elections whereby several parties compete fairly in elections, and the government has power divided between the parties in different ministries…
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Three short essay questions
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However, such materials should be exposed to children under the guidance of a person in authority who is able to teach and explain efficiently the meanings or implications of the words or images used. With the easy access to violent materials readily available on the web for teenagers and very young children, the pressure of parenting has become more intense, challenging them to be vigilant especially to the music children listen to or watch.
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A man and a man Homeric Virgiliano, that despite representing different cultures and different literary styles, show us man as "Man". Be myth or not, the Iliad, the Odyssey and the Aeneid are part of a rich literary, which to this day we are given, as well as were given to our parents and grandparents, showing us the magic of each word that make these three poems.
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I strongly believe and support the Porter’s Diamond model as opposed to Mann’s SPT model because it aims at explaining the competitive advantage; that some countries or organizations have as a result of certain factors that are within their reach, discussed in the subsequent sections that follow.
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The meaning of Essay

The conclusion from this study states that the only way to understand the real meaning of essay is to create a clear distinction between its close counterparts such as journals, reports, and articles. This distinction may also not bring much difference since most people refer any literature material occurring on a website or on mass media as an article.

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Three short essay question
, dharma involves worshipping God, performing one’s duties appropriately, staying honest, not hurting animals or even other humans, and so on (Penney, 1995). Karma, literally meaning ‘action’, in Hinduism, refers to the invisible law that defines how the next life will be.
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