Essay sample - Intelligent design vs natural selection. Paper must favor natural selection argument. See attachment for more detail

Intelligent design vs natural selection. Paper must favor natural selection argument. See attachment for more detail Essay example
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Name Instructor Course Date Which Way, Natural Selection or Intelligent Design The intelligent design argument refers to the negative approach to the natural forces at work as well as to the natural selection as an essential factor in bringing different forms of life that are observed by humans…


Indeed, the intelligent design was significant in bringing life in all the forms observed today very quickly as compared to the gradual process witnessed in the natural selection theory (Roderick 1). In the Charles Darwin’s evolution theory also referred to as the natural selection, it is stated that initially before their variability species had common ancestors, where the differences in organisms were attributed to adaptations to a wide range of environments. As such, environmental conditions played a part in identifying species that were deemed as the best suited to survive. In addition, traits of different organisms are passed on to the new generations. Given some time, the traits could easily lead to the appearance of a new species (Roderick 1). It should be noted that, the natural selection theory was formulated after a long study period involving the study of different animal as well as various plant samples where inferences derived from the analysis which indicated that organisms had similar as well as dissimilar characteristics. This paper seeks to explore the raging debate on the intelligent design versus the natural selection. With this in mind, the underlying facts behind each of the subjects are going to be analyzed; however, the final goal is to show what is more likely to be true: the natural selection theory or the intelligent design one. ...
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