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Name: Professor’s name: Class: Date: Introduction Rene Descartes was a different philosopher in his own rights. He came up with the Cartesian method; this is a school of thought where he decided to doubteverything that he assumed to be in existence so as to see what cannot be doubted.


Although he decided to doubt everything, at some point the Cartesian method hit a brick wall. This happens when he himself agrees to settle for an assumption in as far as the existence of God is concerned. He makes an inference by saying that God is infinite and that he cannot conceive a cause by which God is produced, this means that his perception of God is doubtable since he is unable to explain the origin of God (page 117). This explanation does not in any way prove the existence of God. It is probably the weakest argument in his work and which also shows either fear or reluctance on his part to challenge the existence of God. Assuming that he feared to challenge the existence of God, it can be argued that such utterances as to the existence of God may have resulted in severe punishment for him during his time. TheCartesian theory reaches its point of elasticity when Rene Descartes approaches the argument of the existence of God.  The Cartesian theory does not therefore suffice as an essential school of thought in totality due to the fact that it leaves a rather big loophole to convince the layman and other philosophers how God came into existence. Therefore his view of the existence of God does not satisfy any philosophical urge to explain the existence of God. Philosophy aims to answer questions and set the standards in the way people think and assess situations. Its nature is such that it is critical and rationale. ...
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