Religion is the Cause of War

Religion is the Cause of War Essay example
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The authors from whose ideas the thesis was derived are actually all professionals in their fields and are experts on the political role and influence of religion. Their credentials follow right after they are named.


They may have heard the news about religious wars and conflicts, and they themselves may have come to believe that religion is the reason behind civil war conflicts and even internationally known incidents like the 911 terror attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. Nevertheless, they may not exactly know why this is so or what exactly is going on in the minds of religious terrorists or those people who wage war and conflict in the name of religion or God. The paper is therefore intended for them in order to enlighten them and strengthen their belief in the idea that religion is indeed a significant and primary cause of war. The reasons in order to establish this thesis are to be presented as ideas of individual experts on the topic. The expected response is a greater awareness of the idea and development of a mind which is independent of religious influence. The less religion can get into one’s psyche, the less chances it will encourage one towards conflict. The point that the presentation is aiming at is that sociologically and psychologically, religion is a major cause of war. According to Jonathan Fox (2004), who is a lecturer of political studies in Bar-Ilan University in Maryland, and who was Ph.D. in Government and Politics, which he received from the University of Maryland, religion causes war because it is modernity that has triggered its role. Although many theorists thought that religion would disappear or would somehow dissolve into something insignificant because of the advent of modernization, religion has somehow even attained a stronger role in society more than ever. ...
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