Human Nature or Affirmative Action

Human Nature or Affirmative Action Assignment example
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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: The Human Nature Is Good  1. Introduction – Why I agree that human Nature is good   This research paper bases its argument on the fact that human nature is good based on the five moral principles in Chapter Four of Sterling Harwood’s book, Business as Ethical and Business as Usual.


In all their activities they engage in, the human kind engage in activities that are geared towards achieving their individual targets but also, they at the back of their minds bear the ideology that this should not infringe of their neighbors peace and existence. This explains the existence of treaties and protocols, the peace deals and the different national and international organizations, groups and societies that exist in an effort of human kind to work together towards the achievement of their common goals at the different levels. The egalitarian belief will be used in subsequent arguments for my view which supports moral rights to euthanasia, in order to protect the innocent from unnecessary suffering. Libertarianism will also be incorporated due to its notion that anything done among adults with their consent is morally allowable and so is its stance against paternalism. On top of this, principles that are related to prima facie or that are prima facie of the actual beneficence and normal evidence will be used, mostly the well known kindness virtue in normal perfectionism. This kindness virtue is very well known to many people, and those who know its importance regularly display or use it. Then, I will persistently try to employ the use of utilitarianism also. 2A. ...
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