All forms of government welfare should be abolished.

	All forms of government welfare should be abolished. Essay example
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ALL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT WELFARE SHOULD BE ABOLISHED NAME UNIVERSITY All forms of government welfare should be abolished. What is government welfare? Government welfare is that benefit a society gets for those who are need and cannot earn their living themselves.


So many at this point might argue that it is unfair to deprive those people who are in need and do not have their own resources to do so. But the problem with carrying on these aids is that it has paralyzed the people. Since easy money is earned through these welfare programs there are many people here who are not willing to even work a day for their bread and butter. Hence it is justified that those people who are not benefiting the society in any way should not receive any such benefits. The reason why I believe that government welfare should be abolished is because of its misusage. It has been abused drastically in recent times as it hampers the progress of the working class of our society and also it preaches immorality. How is government welfare being abused? There are many ways through which this facility provided by the government is being abused even though there have been protections placed and filtering has been initiated in the recent times. A great example of abusing this facility is when mothers give birth to children just so that they can surplus the amount they receive from the government which increases their welfare checks. ...
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