Families should be held responsible for crimes committed by teenagers.

	Families should be held responsible for crimes committed by teenagers. Essay example
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Families should be Held Responsible for Crimes Committed by Teenagers Name: Institution Introduction The debate over whether families should be held accountable for crimes committed by teenagers is a social issue in the present day. With the controversy cutting across and affecting the world at large, the issue has resulted to numerous questions such as, who should be charged for the crimes committed by teens.


It comes with no amazement to anyone who has had the opportunity to interact with adolescents that notwithstanding their wish to be treated like adults, they are intellectually immature in several vital ways. They are undeveloped and have not grown a coherent sense of self. Scientifically their mind is relative humble thus make their decisions to questionable. They may engage in risky behavior or act in reckless manner. This is due to poor decision making for they tend to process information less thoughtfully in the real world. Do parents have several responsibilities? Parental responsibility is a heavy load to bear; this is because parental responsibility is both legal as well as instructive. This means the parent is not only charged with the duty to educate the child but also to see that he adheres to the codes of conduct of the law (Archard & Mcleod, 2002). States such as the USA have developed laws to hold parents criminally responsible for the mistakes of their children. This has provided the state with the mandate to jail parents or even offer them community service. This article sought to answer the question posed if parents should be held responsible for crimes committed by their teenagers. ...
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