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Name Course Institution Instructor Date Beauty & Love People hold different perceptions regarding what beauty is. The appreciation of observing a beautiful object, be it natural or the human piece of art work, does not just depend on the sight of it, it however goes beyond to the inner feeling elicited within the observer by the object.


The view here is that moral beauty is can only be appreciated in the perspective of art. This paper intends to establish the link between moral beauty and other works of art as regarding the varying aspects through which people appreciate it. We shall, establish whether interpreting moral beauty is only through acknowledging the common senses of human beings. This study will analyze various studies and writings that have been done in regard to the topic of moral beauty. Philosophers have carried out extensive research studies to define the term beauty. A consensus is that beauty can be interpreted through vast approaches. Natural and moral beauties are appreciated comparatively as the natural beauty holds lots to do with the ‘uncreated’ beauty and as such may allude to the supernatural. Through this, people appreciate the creation or design of an object of artistic value without an apparent designer. On the other hand, in the artistic beauty is the appreciation derived from works done by the concepts of human beings. Appreciating the creation of human beings is what the artistic beauty is associated to. Nevertheless, our study intends to look into the subject of moral beauty. Moral beauty is defined in different perspectives; the beauty from the religion perspective and the beauty associated to human virtual. ...
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