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Death by Heidegger - Essay Example

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However, death is more complex since it allows no chance for experience. Every other explanation about death to him is therefore mere speculation. Additionally, he observes that everyone is conscious of their inevitable death and always portray fear of the concept but people live their days fully without any psychological disturbance implying that people accommodate the sense of death. Every living organism eventually dies, this is a knowledge that man have but the fact that man cannot always explain the concept of death, people cannot always prepare for it. Scientists in their explanation of death allege death is a state of lifelessness that every organism acquire because of exhaustion of the body tissues. This is a general and a more realistic explanation but its application is relative as different interests groups offer more explanations to the human life well past their deaths. People believe in the existence of God and the life after death, this increases man’s curiosity on the topic of death. However, unlike every other human concept, it is impossible to have a practical study of death. The only people with adequate experience of death are the dead themselves who unfortunately do not ever come back to share their experience with the living. This aspect of death makes the living aware of the existence of death but ignorant of the concept, they cannot therefore prepare adequately for death a factor that results in everyone trying to stay alive for longer. Heidegger seeks to authenticate his explanations from the concept of Dasein a literally inexistent being that is therefore inauthentic. Nevertheless, validates his use of such a concept by asserting that death cannot validate itself since despite its conspicuous existent in the society, it is practical inexistent. Every dead person is unavailable and does not share his understanding of his situation. As scientists explain, such people cease to feel. Their senses die and they cannot literally share anything. Investigating death is therefore difficult and requires the use of more tactful theories of life to ensure understanding of the dead. People anticipate death but it is obvious that everyone would wish to live the longest. Any activity that links man with death is therefore feared. Men live carefully always avoiding any precarious situation capable of jeopardizing their lives. From the fear that the living have for both the dead and death itself, it becomes possible to understand the concept of death. In understanding death, Heidegger uses the experiences of the living. He postulates that people are very careful of their actions and avoid life threatening situations in order to prevent death. Despite the extreme care, death still comes naturally a feature that makes death powerful. He begins his works by investigating the basic factors of humanity thereby establishing the value of every being. He investigates the concept of existence through which he investigates both the origin of life and the subsequent value of every life especially of the human. In his phenomenological explanations of the question of being, he determines the relativities in humans and provides an explanation for such. Heidegger asserts that all humans are born equal with no understanding of the world. However, people begin developing elative understanding of ...Show more


Death by Heidegger Name: Institution: Introduction Death is concept that presents a number of challenge most of which make its explanations unclear. Every living organism eventually dies a fact that increases the human curiosity on the concept. Among the most conspicuous philosophers who tried to understand the concept of death is Martin Heidegger…
Author : johnstongregori
Death by Heidegger
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