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technological rationality and social control ( it could be revised)

Such, just when we thought that our fascination is a manifestation of being able to keep up with what is the latest, it is in fact became a source of our bondage – a shackle that we cannot see whom we have unknowingly and voluntarily chained ourselves to become unfree. Herbert Marcuse identified the root of our enslavement to technology in two distinct needs of which he lucidly differentiated. He identified that there are two needs of man in particular and society in general to be “true needs” and “repressive needs”. True needs are those needs that needed to be satisfied with things that we cannot live without that we “truly need” in order to live. We can call them necessity such as food, shelter and some amenities in life such as transport which is driven by technology. “Repressive needs” are those needs that we really do not need but we may actually want. The list is long because want can never be satisfied in the first place. The invention of technology used to belong in the category of “true needs” where it truly helped us to make things easier and our lives better. Its advances has civilized us and made us more productive. In gratitude, we laud these advances but overdid it to the point that we became beholden to them. ...
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Technology makes people unfree Technology’s coming of age is much celebrated by modern society. Society marveled at the latest buzz and gizmo of what technology can do now. The rate of its advances are so dizzying that we could only marvel at what it can do next…
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