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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Question 1 Relation of History and Life Friedrich Nietzsche, a German logician states that the personal concerns of human beings should be reflected by philosophy. Nietzsche criticized the Western philosophers because they contributed to the degeneration of humanity strength.


He advised the youth to be super historical and unhistorical. Additionally, he emphasized that the condition of being both upper historical and unhistorical usually allows the youth to develop a stable character in terms of religion and art (Nietzsche 60). As the youths avoid basing their lives on the past events, they will overcome a condition referred to as historical malady. This is an important process because it helps youths uphold their culture in the society. Advantages and shortcomings of history to life According to Nietzsche, every person is usually part of the task of existence. It is clear that for existence to occur, human beings need to have knowledge and truth about their past (Nietzsche 1). He still insists that without history, people will lack humanity because narrations constitute the record of self-production. History is important because retaining the culture in a society, as well as, ensuring that young generation acquires useful values such as respect and honest is fundamental. According to Nietzsche, the historical sense stifles or limits the human creativity by ruining the people’s identity and their meaning in the society. During the process of finding truth and knowledge about the past, deadly facts are sometimes gathered. This is likely to ruin the lives of people (Nietzsche 1). ...
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