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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Journal Philosophy To me, philosophy is a pursuit of wisdom through activities of thoughts, and as a practice, it works as an action which reacts to society's yearning for wisdom (Sinclair 4). That is combining all that is known in order to attain what individual’s value. Therefore, philosophy comprises activities involved in human growth, hence making it an integral and essential component of education process. Philosophy is decisive and broad thought and this makes it to be the most essential and complete manner of thinking by humans as it entails not just analytic thinking but also synthetic thinking processes.  It entails evaluating worldviews so as to dete


I know what it is when I encounter it through common sense, interpretation and history. Furthermore, I know what it is when I encounter it if I presume that the source of information can be reliable or trusted. This is because I do not judge to know the truth otherwise, and also I do not want to entrust neither to the reality nor to the invalidity of that which I come across. In particular, since the environment can only be viewed through our brain, the things we come across can only be known or interpreted subjectively. Plato’s Myth of the Cave I hold the view that if we as human beings did not have reason then we would not be proficient to live better.  As Plato noted, inside man dwells two very powerful aspects, that is an appetitive aspect and the spirit aspect (Reale 231).  For that reason, the world of ideas was always there, that is why the only approach we can truly make sense of it all involves uncovering by our self. ...
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