The philosophical ideas. Determinism, compatibilism and libertarianism.

The philosophical ideas. Determinism, compatibilism and libertarianism. Essay example
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Philosophy is a complex term and also a concept complicated in nature for explaining, understanding and conceiving. Some of the philosophical ideas are determinism, compatibilism and libertarianism. These are certain concepts which are largely connected to human lives.


These terms can be explained and described more clearly, so that their real meaning is understood in a broad sense. Determinism is a concept which is often misconceived as it is linked with pre- determinism and determination. In real sense, determinism is the philosophical idea which explains that all events and human actions and affairs are based on the inevitable consequences of action done in past. According to (Honderich)“The subjects in the philosophy of Determinism and Freedom include the nature of causation, the different kind of freedom that is voluntariness rather than free will or origination and so on”. On the other hand, compatibilism is defined as pre- destination or freewill and is also interpreted as soft determinism. Compatibilism is claiming that people are free but not in a destructive manner. This concept believes that, freedom should be understood in a different way that is for the welfare of humanity and our natural environment. It is a philosophical idea, which is more linked with merging events with a human’s environment and circumstances.One another philosophical term is libertarianism. This concept means humans have complete freedom in life and can live life with freewill. Comparison of Determinism and Compatibilism Determinism and compatibilism are two philosophical concepts which are strongly connected to human acts, behavior and events happening as a result. ...
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