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The Dynamics of Justice and Social Issues This paper is about the concept of justice which has gained great prominence in today’s world affairs. More and more individuals in societies call for justice, and so do nations of the world. Besides, many raging issues surround the justice system, challenging institutions and laws.


For theorist John Rawls, “Justice is the first virtue of social institutions” ( 1999). But today it is faced by many issues. And so, it is timely that the concept of justice and its impact on issues be clarified. Definition of justice Seen as a foundation stone of morality, justice is nominally described as “the constant will and disposition to give each one his due” (Montemayor 101). More properly, it is defined as “”the principle of rectitude and fairness in men’s relation with each other”(101). From the aforesaid, two essential attributes of justice may be observed, namely universality and equality. Universality requires justice for all without bias. Meanwhile, equality demands justice equitably distributed regardless of class or position. These attributes require the application of laws without discrimination or without playing favorites. It is noted by moralists that all laws, either human or divine, are reducible to the universal principles of justice. Giving God His due through love is a summary of the Ten Commandments. The right to life, liberty and security of person is ensured by the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Killing, stealing, adultery are violations of justice owed to life, property and integrity. ...
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