Michele Moody-Adams argues that moral progress is possible

Michele Moody-Adams argues that moral progress is possible Essay example
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Introduction In general, the concept of moral progress, as a philosophical concept presupposes that people have to evolve morally. The evolutionary process is based on the necessity to accept and respect alien cultures, as well as increase morality level for stimulating the further progress.


The Concept of Moral Progress Throughout History Considering the evolution of morality throughout the historical process, it should be emphasized that moral progress can be traced only from the instance the human life gained its uppermost value. This instance came with the Renaissance period in Europe. The Renaissance Humanism is featured with the appearance of the specific behavior codex that can be regarded as the initial step of the moral progress. This codex involved refusal from slavery, admiration for the human body and soul, human rights protection, and so on. The next step of the moral evolution of the humankind is the post World War I period. The global society became obsessed with the issues of war prevention and conflict resolving on a world scale, and the foundation of The League of Nations, as the global arbiter can be regarded as the further moral growth of the humanity. The further assimilation of the moral progress, discussed by Moody-Adams (259) is the result of the post World War II morality expansion: democratic movements, the wars for independence are the key aspects of the further morality assimilation, and moral progress throughout the world. ...
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