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[Name of Student] [Name of Professor] [Course] [Date] Reading Response Would a U.S. war against Al-Qaeda in Yemen have been morally justified if Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab had successfully carried out his plot to blow up a passenger jet over Detroit on December 25, 2009?


Since the war against terrorism has begun, the US has been targeting one country after another by claiming that Al-Qaeda has strong networks within these countries. Afghanistan was one such target. The US has waged a war against Afghanistan for years. This war continues to destroy the natural landscape of the country as the country is frequently bombed. This not only destroys the plants and animals residing in the area but also the innocent lives. According to Boyle, war on terrorism is justified on the grounds that terrorists have been killing innocent lives with their activities. Also these terrorists instigate fear among the people to such extent that they cannot resume their daily activities without fear for their lives or that of their children (Boyle, 156). If the US war against terrorism is justified on these grounds, then this raises a Catch-22. For the US to fight war in Afghanistan, it is committing also committing these activities. They have been killing innocent children and women on the same grounds. I do not argue here that Al-Qaeda has developed networks in that particular country. I only argue that US is committing acts that the country condemns internationally. In his article, Boyle brings forward three justified reasons for waging war. These principles have been developed by St. ...
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