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Name Professor’s Name Course Date Ethical dilemma Introduction An ethical dilemma, also referred to, as the moral dilemma is that brings two situations that are demands for a resolution but in either way the decision is made, it has to be short of something that will lead to consequences.


Moral dilemmas have different origins and depend on the source, they can be classified as those from moral uncertainty, self-imposed, world imposed and those that are prohibitory in nature (Garber 29). Given the nature of the moral dilemma, one can take a position regarding the situation that will present itself to him and opt to defend the action with other morals but the fact remains that the explanation cannot be fully construed to be a justification of the action. It can only be considered just as a better explanation that can be considered the best next alternative forgone. The Moral Dilemma I have been involved in a difficult situation of ethical dilemma in which pitched me in a very precarious situation in making a decision. This was necessitated by the advent of emails that has really created new grounds for ethical dilemma regarding information access and the corresponding privacy. It is a common knowledge that accessing someone’s email without their consent is in itself infringing on the person right to privacy and that itself is a violation of regulation in most of the places that equally prohibits illegal access to ones mails. This is the situation that I found myself in and I had to make a decision out of the tricky situation. ...
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