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Running of tests on animals in the lab should not be allowed at all. This is because these animals have characteristics which are in most ways similar to those of human beings. An example of this is the ability to feel pain. Animals just like human beings can feel pain. Despite the fact that animals have a tough skin which prevents the pain, the results are the same. An animal feels the pain just as a human being feels it regardless of the intensity. Some people have argued that these animals should be used for tests mainly because they lack reasoning capacities therefore there is no harm. These people need to ask themselves whether in the same scenario the animals were replaced with retarded people or even infants, would it be fine to perform the tests on them, this is because these retards and infants just like animals cannot be able to think and reason on their own? Evidently you will agree that it would not be right. Therefore, it should not be allowed at all. ...
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Dr. Dworkin concludes that medical science should confine itself to the treatment of clinical depression instead of extending itself into the jurisdiction of everyday unhappiness. He notes that medical science helps people who are unhappy through clouding of their thoughts. …
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