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Name Tutor Course Date “Ethics Assignment” 1. a) Dr. Dworkin concludes that medical science should confine itself to the treatment of clinical depression instead of extending itself into the jurisdiction of everyday unhappiness. He notes that medical science helps people who are unhappy through clouding of their thoughts.


He asserts that if happiness is serotonin and serotonin is happiness then it is true to say that these drugs guarantee happiness because one can take psychopathic drugs for many years. On the second result, it is observed that to declare happiness as a law of necessity allows science to emphasize the subcellular processes inside the brain at the expense of everything else. Science may say that it is the nature of man to require basic happiness but if the natural desire for happiness is linked to culture then the need for happiness begins and ends in nature. c.) On the account of third person, it is viewed that the good feeling which arises from the influence of mood-modifying drugs does not come about immediately. He explains that it takes several weeks and this kind of delayed effect is considered to be so predictable that the doctors warn their patients about it. The sow onset as explained causes the change in people’s attitudes to be barely perceptible, there is generally no minute or hour which marks the onset of their improved mood. On the account of first person, he claims to have observed a general lack of congruence between outside circumstances and a medicated patient’s good feeling and this observation is commensurate with the amazement expressed by these people. d.) Antidepressants contribute to irrational behavior. ...
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