Empirical Enquiry and Critical Thought

Empirical Enquiry and Critical Thought Essay example
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How might Kant’s example of the ‘promise’ be useful in contemporary society? Explain both his theory and how it could be applied to a modern day event. Introduction In the case of signing a promissory note especially among business persons, there is a depiction of what it means to act out of inclination and out of duty.


Using the rule of categorical imperative Kant suggested we therefore dare to give our promise, because there is still value in it, as tantamount to how we think and make our choice. We make promises because we think we have to fulfill them. We therefore have the positive choice to accomplish what we need to accomplish based on what we have promised. This is a remarkable indication of a good will if we want to come to consider the whole idea of Kant concerning the ethics associated with duty. For Kant, in understanding the moral requirements, it is important that we act not out of inclination, but out of duty because doing so the latter is inherent of a good will. The work at hand considers some thoughts how might Kant’s example of the ‘promise’ be useful in contemporary society together with the theory linked to this and how this might have meaningful application in modern day event. Moral Law A false promise therefore according to Kant is a contradiction to the moral law, but what makes it a significant conflict is not the associated consequence, but the way on how people think and make choices (Kerstein, 2004, p.168; Jecker, 2011, p.151). ...
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