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Phil102 - Knowledge and Reality assignment 2

Simplicity is an assumption that simpler theories are favorable thus non-skeptics, use simplicity to escape the problem raised by skepticism. In this paper I will discuss the skepticism hypothesis in the "veil of perception,” the importance of the “veil of perception”, and the opposition of simplicity to the hypothesis and how simplicity proposes to avoid the problem. "Veil of perception" is an idea which shows that, what we perceive is like a veil that comes between us and literal world. This keeps us from perceiving the reality (Macarthur 177). The "veil of perception" gives us a representation of objects or direct consciousness of images and not the physical objects. Our awareness, therefore, becomes indirect to the objects and we are limited to our perceptions since we cannot see, feel, touch or hear the objects (Martin 280). We should take into account that the brain uses signals transmitted to the eye in order to create a visual image of the objects around us (Martin 281). Based on this account, we realize that all the evidences of perception come from observing the world. Therefore, from what we perceive directly, we can deduce the objects being perceived indirectly (Huemer 212). For example, after reading a story about oranges in a certain area, I can perceive the oranges based on my previous observations of oranges. This brings the question of how true is perception on the oranges. ...
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Name Instructor Course Date “Veil of Perception” In philosophy, skeptical argument brings out the stand point and belief concerning a universal doubt that surrounds the ability of human to possess knowledge. Skeptical hypothesis is among the most famous skepticism arguments…
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