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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Biomedical Ethics. Euthanasia can be described as the act of condoning the death of an individual based on the grounds that the person is suffering from a critical medical condition or injury and death is inevitable. Euthanasia has been defined by experts as the intentional cessation of an individual’s life by another person on the grounds of having mercy on the individual for their suffering.


There are various critics of the moral considerations behind euthanasia and what makes one mode of euthanasia agreeable and the other unacceptable. One such critic is James Rachel who argues that the moral principle behind the American Medical Association’s (AMA) policy on euthanasia has no moral importance. Rachel’s argument on passive and active euthanasia is right according to me because both methods ultimately lead to death of an individual. According to the AMA, passive euthanasia entails the doctor doing nothing to bring about the death of the patient. This is despite the fact that not doing something to curtail the patient’s death amounts to doing something because of the consequence that follows. The patient dies from the doctor’s inaction which can be interpreted as an action that leads to death. According to Rachel, not acknowledging inaction as a viable action on the part of the doctor is a flawed assumption that puts the association’s grounds on the matter to question. This is because euthanasia emerges from humanitarian efforts aimed at reducing the patients suffering and the burden they might pose due to incurable illnesses (Pence 188). ...
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