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Name: Instructor’s Name: Course: Date of Submission: Middlemarch By George Eliot Chapter 33 Actual Decision-Making Process Mary Gray was sitting with Mr. Featherstone in his room at night to help him if he needed anything. She believed that the will of Mr.


Featherstone as he was not much satisfied with her. To attend and serve a person who was always impulsive to you was what Mary was doing. She has always been polite to him and has never been harsh to him in return. She was sitting in silence and was reflecting on the events that happened that day when suddenly Mr. Featherstone woke up from his sleep and called Ms. Gray to his bedside. He gave her the keys of the safe and asked her to take out his will. Ms. Gray was ordered by Mr. Featherstone to burn the second will so that only his first will is considered to be valid. She was afraid to act on his orders as there was no one in the room to witness her act. She refused to act on his orders even when she was offered a bribe on it. She felt that Mr. Featherstone isn’t in the right mind and stays firm. Mr. Featherstone went to sleep and he was dead by the next morning. Analysis: Ms. Gray was a very sweet, humble and straightforward kind of person. She had a good understanding and knowledge about human nature with a good sense of humor. But these qualities of her cant be judged by her daily activities. She seemed very simple and plain throughout the novel which contradicts to what she actually is from inside. This made her characters suspicious to few people. She was believed to be very prudent as she felt that many people will be disappointed by Mr. Featherstone's will. The nervous tone of Mr. ...
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