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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Review the Book Named Middlemarch Step 1: Part A Dorothea's decision to fulfill the wishes of her husband brought to light the way wives are treated by their husbands. Dorothea did not find what her husband did to be interesting.


It constantly ran through Dorothea’s mind what the reaction of her husband would be if she did not accept his request (Eliot 678). According to Dorothea, a wife should be there to fulfill the wishes of her husband. Even though, her husband seemed to be selfish, Dorothea considered that the requirements of her husband were much more important than hers. Part 2 Being caught in such a situation is extremely tough to imagine. Speaking from a neutral point of view, every human is selfish to their well being first, and, for this reason, I think only a few people would consider carrying on with a dead person’s work. Therefore, if I was in Dorothea’s shoe, I would decline carrying one with Mr. Casaubon’s work because it certainly does not interest me. Before I make any decision, I only consider how it will affect me and the parties involved. Considering that Mr. Casaubon likes his work a lot, and Dorothea, in contrast, was not so much interested in the work, it would simply be better to let it go. If I force myself into carrying on with the work, then I might end up messing it up since it is not what I am proud of doing. Step 2 The procedure that Dorothea would follow if she were to use Kant’s First Formulation theory would be to first find her husband’s motive or what is behind his motivation (Kant 437). ...
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