review the books named "middlemarch" and "the surrounded"

review the books named "middlemarch" and "the surrounded" Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
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Name Tutor Source Date Book Report: Middlemarch and the Surrounded Introduction Aristotle, the great thinker and philosopher, propounded the vision of life in his epoch writing The Theories of Ethics. The document laid focus on the ways by which human beings can attain goodness or virtue.


On the other hand, it is an established ideology that literature is the reflection of human life. Therefore, if we take into consideration the two plots inherent in the books, Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life by George Eliot and The Surrounded by William D’Arcy McNickle, we can easily link and trace out the theories outlined in the Aristotelian ethics to probe into the real and inherent meaning and event of a fruitful life and judge the ways justifying the ethical discourses undertaken by various agents within the mentioned story lines. Thesis Statement The essay intends to apply the Aristotle’s theory to Rosamond’s decision to speak to Dorothea in the novel Middlemarch and Catherine’s decision to change her religion in The Surrounded. The essay also intends to focus on the appropriation of the nature of the ethical theories of Aristotle followed through the implementation in the two different situations and characters from two diverse stories. Middlemarch: A Report In the book Middlemarch, Chapter Eighty-One envisages an ethical theory from Aristotle which ponders upon the theories pertaining to ethical dilemma mentioned in the Book VI, Chapter I. The book focuses on the right reasons for acting. ...
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