review the books named "middlemarch" and "the surrounded"

review the books named "middlemarch" and "the surrounded" Book Report/Review example
Book Report/Review
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Philosophy Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts Tutor’s Name 9th June, 2013 Mill, Kant and Aristotle advanced different theories on certain aspects of human life and their theories on several instances have differed.


John Stuart Mill came up with a theory that supports happiness as the only true virtue that should be cultivated by human beings. According to him, the act of making oneself happy is important in the process of taking certain decisions. Mill’s theory is referred to as utilitarianism and this differs from the categorical imperative and Nichomachean ethics theories advanced by Emmanuel Kant and Aristotle respectively. In the book “The Surrounded” we see different characters who undertake different actions based on their judgement. One instance is when we see the engagement of Dorothea to Casaubon after a long talk between Dorothea and Celia. Dorothea intended to get married to Casaubon so as to learn from the enlightened man and become his helper as he tried to achieve greatness. However, as witnessed in the book, their marriage was not successful since both of them failed to achieve their intentions out of this marriage (Rashdall 169). Based on the theory of virtue according to Mill, the ultimate actions of a person are to achieve happiness or eliminate pain. This theory is referred to as utilitarianism and its aim is to promote hedonism and thus the actions and intentions of the actor or agent do not matter so long as happiness is achieved. Dorothea’s intentions of marrying Casaubon were to gain enlightenment, remedy her ignorance and acquire knowledge. ...
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