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Zero Dark Thirty Film

Based on the stories of wars, master pieces with cinematic excellence were produced time and again. However, most of the war films echoed a sense of a pride and chivalry; while others, focused on the feeling of nationalism being tittered time after time. Nevertheless, it is also true that the violent and horrifying aspects of war were also being projected through the film produced during and after the First and Second World Wars. After the gloomy and dark clouds of the world wars were removed from the skyline of America, a new chapter in the history of violence started pervading the ambience. The most striking event which Americans, in particular and the world witnessed was the 9/11 attack on America. The initial reaction of the 9/11 attacks on the minds and hearts of the eye witnesses and the people who were indirectly associated with the event was so awful that people were left mum and out-of-words. However, at the same time, it was also very evident that the war-wounds in the minds of Americans evolved out most spontaneously through its popular culture and consequentially, cinema became the most potent matrix upon which the foundation stone of anti-terrorism discourse was laid. THESIS STATEMENT Violence opened a new avenue in the post traumatic situation and aftermath of 9/11 attacks in cinemas. ...
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Cinema, since the time of its initiation, has been inspired from the contemporary lifestyle. During the war stricken world, Hollywood never stepped aside to depict the gruesome and horrified war-time situations across the world, particularly in America…
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