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Essay example - The Real Person of 21st-century

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The Real Person of 21st-century Essay example
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Name Surname Professor Name Subject Date The Real Person of 21st Century Introduction: Human beings have been created to have their presence both in the spiritual as well as in the material world. It is said that “the spiritual world is where angels live, and the material world is where people live” (Woofenden)…

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The present study focuses on an understanding of the real person of the 21st century focusing on their inner and outer selves and how the actions of the outer self get justified by the inner self and how with age, the inner self gets surrendered to the outer self. Existence of Human Beings as Two Selves: The Inner Self and the Outer Self: As Woofenden mentioned in his studies, “Everyone has an inner and an outer part, but these are different in a good person than in a harmful person” (Woofenden). The difference between the good and the harmful persons lie in the fact that in case of a good person, the inner part is found to exist in the heaven along with parts of light, and the outer part exists in the world along with the light. On the other hand, in case of a harmful person, both the inner and the outer selves exist in the world with the light and there is no existence of his self in the heaven. It can also be said that in harmful people, the inner self does not exist at all (Woofenden). By inner self of a human being is meant the “subtle core present within every being without which the existence of the body itself gets negated. The body is there for our Inner self is there. ...
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