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Name: Instructor’s name: Subject: Date of submission: Introduction Ethics Ethics is a section of philosophy dealing with the moral virtue and actions of human beings through evaluation and exploration. These ethics tend to differ with the personal, legal, cultural and religious perspectives (Nash 9).


Ethics are divided into multiple perspectives or parts. Happiness is a critical aspect of ethics. There are multiple ethical theories. One of the perspectives of ethics suggests that the determination of morals depends on the simple ability to separate right from wrong (Aristotle and Augustine 41). Thinkers argue that the moral aspect of actions is entirely dependent of the simplicity and practicality of separating right from wrong. There is an approach that is deontological conceptually. It suggests that some actions are considered to be ethically right inherently (Corradetti 31). They include keeping promises, respecting others, and telling the truth. Other actions are considered to be inherently bad. They include theft, manipulation and dishonestly. Even when good comes from lying, it is never considered to be right. Man is perceived to have the right to pursue happiness or pleasure (Bloom 29). Happiness is attainable according to studies. However, the definition of happiness may not be the same to all men. According to Aristotle, happiness must be perceived as a quality of the entire life of a human being. This argument suggests that the pain and troubles of life cannot be used to gauge the degree of happiness in life. A young person cannot be said to be happy since he only possess dreams and hopes. Happiness must be a reflection of a totality of life (Corradetti 31). ...
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