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Dissertation example - Serial Entrepreneurs: A Unique Breed of Entrepreneurs

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A usual subject matter in the field of entrepreneurship has been the two major kinds of entrepreneurs—the ‘opportunist’ and the ‘craftsman.’ This paper focuses on the philosophy, motivation, and mindset of serial entrepreneurs that differentiate them from regular working class citizens. …

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The ‘opportunist’ is driven by a desire for profit and the challenge of building a profitable, successful company, whereas the ‘craftsman’ is driven by a need for independence. Serial entrepreneurs are both opportunist and craftsman; they are a unique type of entrepreneurs. Serial entrepreneurs take pleasure in the challenge of frequently, persistently, and constantly setting up new enterprises. Numerous entrepreneurs have succeeded in this setting, making the most of the ever more positive, advantageous tax environment, and generated massive profits.
Serial entrepreneurs have fascinating philosophy about work, life, people, and business. This philosophy arises largely from life’s early experiences and in the workplace. Serial entrepreneurs are completely persuaded that the ‘business must make money’. If they fail to make a business profitable, both the customers and the business are negatively affected. Serial entrepreneurs have explored the nitty-gritty of business, they have a broad knowledge about how business operates, and they have a considerable understanding of how their ventures could be successful. They give their best effort to guarantee that their products considerably increase the value of their firms.
Serial entrepreneurs embrace powerful philosophies about people, life, business, and their own contribution to the society. They have definite, precise perspectives about the function of profits and companies and about their role in the larger capitalist marketplace. Serial entrepreneurs place great importance on customers. Even though they strongly embrace the idea that businesses exist to generate profit, they at the same time intensely value the welfare of the customer and the larger society. ...
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