Obligation to family according to jane English

Obligation to family according to jane English Essay example
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Name: University: Tutor: Course; Date: Obligation to Family According to Jane English The debate on whether grown children owe their parents anything has been debated for a long enough, yet, there still seems to be not adequate answer to this debate. Jane English (147- 154) however has thrown in her thoughts.


Some may find this argument demeaning to parents, especially those parents who go way beyond the extra mile in making sure that their child is well provided for. However, English (147- 154) is not arguing about whether or not children should help out their parents or if they should act positively in response to what their parents did for them. Instead, she is talking about the foundation on which such respiratory actions should be based. Her postulations are very important and should be looked at in a serious way because it could have serious implications. As the economy has become worse, younger people have to take care of their parents. In this regard, there is s slowly developing an attitude among young parents that when they grow old, their children will have to take care of them. This is risky attitude which can affect the society very negatively and lead to dire economic issues for a nation. Parents should learn how to provide for their children and at the same time secure their own future in order to benefit from them later children when the children grow up. Her arguments are therefore not just a social issue but an economic issue which must be looked at. ...
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